An Anticlimax and Thank You: THE FINAL: KKRvSRH

Hello and a warm welcome to yet another blog on the daily match reviews of this year’s IPL. Here I will talk about the game played between the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Sunrisers of Hyderabad playing the grande finale at Chepauk, Chennai. So let’s get started!
Pat Cummins won the toss and opted to bat first surprisingly, which proved to be a fatal decision as Head and Abhishek fell early again to Starc and co. as they were once again in tatters. Even their recovery man Tripathi couldn’t do anything much as even Russell and the spinners joined the party as SRH were destroyed again, restricted to about 110. SRH did get some hope initially as Narine fell early but Gurbaz and Venky Iyer played as if the target was about 240, as again they killed the game in the powerplay. This game was quite similar to the way SRH trashed LSG but here it was just 110 to win as KKR won the TATA IPL 2024 which they deserved thoroughly as they were absolutely brilliant right from the start.

In an anticlimax, SRH’s batting just decayed in the playoffs and honestly, I have nothing to write on this game. It was sheer dominance by KKR once again, they set their plans brilliantly and executed them even perfectly as every bowler pitched in well. The only thing I would want to point out is Gurbaz’s wicket, which looked clearly not out and he reviewed it, but ball-tracting wasn’t available in the final, which was completely shocking as in every other match it was possible and you can’t get these technical flaws in such an important clash. The game was already done by then but at least Gurbaz could stay till the end with Venky and finish it.

So here we come to the end of the daily match reviews. I kept my word, and even though there were many obstacles, I somehow managed it as in the beginning I was travelling and in the back end my school and coaching started, so sorry for the delays. I feel proud of this achievement as I have written every single game by myself, by just seeing the cricbuzz scorecard, except for RCB games which I saw from ball one and remember everything even now. So thanks to everyone seeing and reading these blogs, to the ones I sent and to the ones I didn’t send, thanks a lot to everyone for having some time to read my content. So the World Cup has started and the small teams are doing surprisingly well in this World Cup. I will try my best to write a World Cup review blog but can’t say anything now. Once again thanks a lot for all the support, let’s try to meet very soon, Goodbye and take care!